How often do you release?

Unfortunately we can’t work on our projects as fast as we’d like, so we don’t have any schedule. But we try to get them out as soon as possible.

Can I share your projects elsewhere (forums, websites and online readers)?

Yes you can, but use our own links instead of uploading them to different servers and  follow our rules.

Can I make a request?

Yes, but take in mind that our decision depends on whether we like the series and if we have enough time and staff to work on it.

Can I re-translate your projects?

If you’re not a Spanish group, the answer is yes. We only ask you to use your own scans and give proper credit to our group. If you want to use our scans we’re willing to share, just read this information.

Why are you translating a series already released by another group?

Because we have already started working on it,  we like the series too much or we simply prefer to release our own version.

Can I join you?

Of course you can, we’re always short-handed and we’d really love to have another member. Any position  will require you to have Photoshop or any similar program. For more information please read this.

Can I offer a joint?

Sure, we love to work with others. If you’d like to propose us a joint, please understand that we ask you to uphold the quality we provide. If you are confident of being able to do so, send us an email.

How can I reach you?

You might send us a message via Seraphic Deviltry’s Facebook, Tumblr or an e-mail to: